Our Signature Toffee

Get ready to fall under the spell of this truly addictive creation. At its heart, a salty pretzel, with its satisfying crunch, is embraced by a layer of handmade toffee that’s a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, crafted to a golden-brown perfection.

A lavish coating of dark chocolate envelopes the toffee and pretzel. This dark chocolate, with its rich and slightly bitter notes, creates a velvety layer that’s pure indulgence.But there’s more to this enchanting treat. It’s crowned with a generous sprinkling of walnuts and cranberries. The walnuts provide a delightful nutty crunch, and the cranberries contribute a burst of fruity sweetness. These elements add depth and variety to the overall flavour profile, making each bite a symphony of sweet, salty, nutty, and fruity notes.

This addictive masterpiece is a taste sensation that’s nearly impossible to resist. The combination of flavours and textures, from sweet to savoury and crunchy to chewy, creates an irresistible harmony. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll find yourself coming back for more, unable to resist its captivating and delightful qualities.


Size: Approximate 200g

Allergens: Nuts, Dairy, Gluten

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